Hardening and Protecting Web Applications

DDoS Mitigation Services
We offer DDoS mitigation services to protect your web applications from overwhelming surges of malicious traffic, utilizing advanced filtration techniques and high bandwidth capacity

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Implementation
We deploy and configure WAFs to filter out traffic exploiting known or suspected web application vulnerabilities, providing essential protection against emerging threats

API Security Solutions
Our API security solutions include API gateways that identify and block traffic targeting API vulnerabilities, ensuring the integrity and security of your API endpoints

DNSSEC Implementation
We implement DNSSEC protocols to securely route DNS traffic to your web applications, preventing interception by attackers and ensuring users are directed to legitimate servers

Encryption Certificate Management
Our encryption certificate management services ensure the secure generation, renewal, and revocation of SSL/TLS certificates, reducing the risk of exposing private traffic

Bot Management Solutions
We employ bot management solutions using machine learning and specialized detection methods to distinguish between automated and human traffic, preventing malicious bot access to your web applications

Client-side Security Measures
Our client-side security measures monitor for new third-party JavaScript dependencies and changes in third-party code, enabling early detection and mitigation of malicious activity

Attack Surface Management Tools
We provide actionable attack surface management tools that map your web application’s attack surface, identify potential security risks, and facilitate efficient risk mitigation, ensuring comprehensive security coverage for your web applications

This approach ensures are keeping web applications functioning smoothly and protecting business from cyber vandalism, data theft, unethical competition, and other negative consequences