WordPress Assessment

Professional Services
Receive an unbiased security evaluation for your WordPress-based website.

Expert Consultation
Obtain an impartial review led by a seasoned Senior Security Analyst. No jargon, no fluff.

Efficient Procedure
Focused on critical aspects. Results are precise and comprehensible.

Assess Your Vulnerabilities
Gain an in-depth comprehension of your site’s security status.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the usual focus of this assessment service?
Our assessment primarily targets self-hosted WordPress installations. WordPress sites on the Automatic platform might not derive substantial value from our service. We employ common open-source security tools and manual methods to validate findings.

Who benefits from these Security Assessment Services?
Our professional assessment services are popular among those seeking an independent third-party evaluation of their security stance. Clients span the globe and range from small businesses to large enterprises.

Can this assessment service be used on client systems?
Certainly! Agencies and consultants can employ this service to review the security of their clients’ organizations. A value-added offering for your IT consultancy or managed services.

What methodologies are employed for testing?
Our testing toolkit includes various security vulnerability testing tools like OpenVAS, WPScan, Nikto, Nmap, SSLyze, and Burp Suite. Alongside automated scans, we employ manual testing techniques and validate scanner findings.

Who conducts the security assessment?
Certified Senior Security Analysts perform all security assessments.

What if I have budget constraints?
If a manual assessment is financially challenging, consider our automated DIY services. We provide hosted open-source vulnerability scanners and reconnaissance tools for manual use. This involves planning, receiving raw scan results, analysis, and validation.

Why is this service cost-effective?
By offering a focused assessment, we’ve streamlined the process and avoided scope expansion. Not everyone requires a lengthy, high-cost assessment. Our fixed-duration window aims to provide maximum value.

What’s included in the report?
The report compiles findings from automated and manual tests. Sections cover a summary, discovered vulnerabilities, and recommended fixes. An appendix provides raw tool results.

How does the payment process work?
Payments are accepted via Credit Card or PayPal. Hacker Target Pty Ltd is a verified PayPal business. After booking, we’ll share assessment terms and payment details. Upon confirmation, assessment proceeds and reports are available in 72 hours.

Organizations ignoring vulnerability scans and neglecting flaw remediation face a significant risk of system breaches.


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Complete the form to request a WordPress Assessment. We’ll respond within 24 hours with a proposed plan, service terms, and payment details.

This fixed-rate security assessment involves a 24-hour testing window, and the report is delivered within 72 hours.

Client Requirements:
You must own the system or have explicit permission for a third-party security assessment.
For managed services or shared hosting, provider notification and permission are necessary.
A system backup is recommended due to the intrusive nature of security testing.

Detailed Security Report within 72 hours.
Report includes validated results and recommended fixes.
Follow-up questions via email.